Stirlitz Demonstrate Significant Monitoring Upgrades

Since the last IBC, Poland-based Stirlitz has been busy adding new abilities and features to its monitoring software suite.

Stirlitz Media showed the latest improvements to its flagship Stirlitz Media Logger (SML) solution at IBC 2019. SML is TV & radio after-broadcast/compliance logging software that is friendly for non-tech users and engineers alike. SML software runs on the cloud and is the solution for capturing single or multiple channels off MPEG-TS over IP. It’s affordable, scalable and rock solid.

The Stirlitz Media monitoring software suite includes a logger to capture, store and access multiple video, audio and metadata sources. It also includes an IP Multiviewer to display one to many video sources in mosaics on one or more screens, and a MPEG-TS Monitor for full stream analysis, reporting, error and statistics logging, and flexible alarms.

New in the Stirlitz Media Logger since IBC 2018

  • Improved H.265 and UHD support
  • Video and audio exports with accelerated transcoding
  • Online storage up to 4000 days per channel
  • Metadata: improved ratings module
  • Metadata: improved SCTE35 support
  • Metadata: ATSC CC support
  • Metadata: multiple languages of DVB subtitles at the same time
  • Alarms: new video freeze detection
  • Alarms: new flexible rules for e-mail, SNMP, logs, database alarms
  • Audio: up to 256 audio stations on a single server
  • Audio: capture virtually all IP streams, including streams embedded on web pages
  • Audio: support for secondary network storage folder
  • Audio: ASIO support

New In the SML webPlayer

  • Playback of multiple video feeds concurrently
  • Flexible export profiles
  • New shortcuts and preview mode for export
  • Integration of multiple SML servers
  • PCM audio playback
  • Windows Active Directory authentication support

New in the IP Multiviewer since IBC 2018

  • 16 UHD channels on 1500 euro PC
  • OTT inputs: HLS, DASH, RTSP, RTMP
  • New flexible alarms to mail, SNMP, screen, database
  • Text-to-speech audible alarms
  • Save MPEG-TS to file when quality problem is detected
  • Database of all alarms and statistics
  • SCTE35 data display
  • Support for new generation of NVIDIA hardware
  • Available soon: SDI, 2022-6 uncompressed IP

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