Open Broadcast Systems Unleashes High-Density Encoder

A demo of the recently launched low latency encoding and decoding software is at IBC. With an end-to-end latency of just sixty milliseconds (at 1080p60), it is claimed as the lowest currently achieved for an encoder / decoder pair using IT hardware.

It is further claimed one of the lowest latencies achievable in the industry across any full-frame contribution encoder.

The company has also added SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 support to its C-200 encoders and decoders. This means that customers can now use these products in powerful ad insertion workflows, making it possible to insert local or personalised advertising downstream.

Kieran Kunhya, MD, Open Broadcast Systems commented: “Media workflows are becoming increasingly complex, making it more challenging than ever to deliver a seamless video experience. We are working to make it simple for our customers to ensure the highest quality video possible whilst being to scale effectively with minimal hardware.”

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