Studio Network Solutions Launches Workflow Extension For Final Cut Pro X

Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a US based media storage technology firm, has released its workflow extension ShareBrowser for Final Cut Pro X.

The software helps manage media and interact with shared storage in a collaborative Final Cut Pro X workflow.

SNS describes ShareBrowser as the built-in media management software for its EVO shared storage server, capable of supporting an unlimited number of users. It is designed to help find media quickly with more powerful search tools, organize media with custom tags and comments, apply AI algorithms to tag clips automatically and also bring ShareBrowser metadata into Final Cut Pro X as keywords and notes. The software can create and share media bins from within Final Cut Pro X, as well as dragging and dropping media from shared storage directly into a timeline.

The metadata support enables tags, comments and customizable metadata attributes to be added to files such that they can be readily found when looking for a specific shot, audio file, or graphic. Once a clip is tagged, either manually or via the built-in AI tools, the metadata follows files throughout their lifecycle and integrates with Final Cut Pro X, as well as some other creative applications. When files are imported into a timeline, ShareBrowser tags and comments become keywords and notes inside Final Cut Pro.

In environments with multiple collaborators not all working in Final Cut Pro X, ShareBrowser can be used as a standalone desktop or HTML5 web app, allowing all participants to log metadata, review clips and create shared media bins that can be accessed by anyone on the team.

ShareBrowser for Final Cut Pro X is available on the Mac App Store and requires an EVO shared storage server, which can be purchased through a worldwide network of value-added resellers and systems integrators.

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