FOR-A Shows Affordable Live Event Production Products

At the upcoming IBC Show, FOR-A will host live demonstrations of its latest range of live production technology, including the company’s FA-9600 multi-purpose signal processor and its 4K-capable HVS-490 HANABI video switcher.

The FOR-A FA-9600 dual channel signal processor is gaining attention from premiere broadcasters looking for the highest quality, image conversion technology for these prestigious events. The upcoming 2019 world rugby event, the 2020 Tokyo summer games, and the start of the new professional football leagues in Europe will all use the product.

The newest version of the FA-9600 supports 3D LUT for advanced color grading and Sony’s SR Live workflow for live HDR production. The dual-channel unit provides HDR and Wide Color Gamut support and conversion of multiple formats, such as: 12G-SDI, 4K (UHD), 1080p, and SD/HD-SDI. Each of the FA-9600 processor’s two HD/SD-SDI inputs includes a frame synchronizer.

The compact Hanabi Series HVS-490 switcher is designed for those looking to produce low budget 4K UHD productions. Support for the HDMI 2.0b specification provides a 4K(UHD) output to a multi-viewer for source monitoring. Other exclusive features include the company’s MELite technology, which extends the switcher’s 2 M/Es to offer 6 M/E performance. It also provides users with event memory and macro functions, as well as integrated frame synchronizers and multi viewers - making it easy to set up quickly for live performances.

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