Benro Introduces X Series Three-Axis Smartphone Gimbals

Benro has debuted two ultra-portable three-axis smartphone gimbal stabilizers — the 3XS Lite and the feature-rich 3XS. 

Benro said the gimbals can be folded and carried with minimal storage space needed — fitting in most bags or jacket pockets. This design means it can be carried where one would not normally take a larger phone gimbal.

The gimbals also feature a barrier-less smartphone clamp design. This design also allows the user to go between horizontal and vertical orientations automatically with the push of a button, and to access the smartphone’s ports in either orientation.

Both models feature a 2000 mAh capacity battery which provides up to 24-hours of use. The 3XS takes advantage of this large battery capacity by offering wireless and wired charging options for compatible phones. The companion smartphone app allows for access to intelligent features, such as creating panorama, time-lapses with dynamic motion or object tracking.

The app can access fine-tuning and calibration of the gimbals, adjust parameters and update the firmware. For advanced smartphone camera control, users can directly operate the gimbal head, actuate the shutter, start video recording and zoom or focus directly from the handle or app.

With a 3.5mm audio cable and built-in passthrough, users can mount any compatible 3.5mm (TRRS) microphone onto the handle of the gimbal for high quality audio recording directly to the smartphone.  

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