CDN77 Launches Live Streaming And VOD Platform Streamflow

The stand-alone platform for video processing and delivery, Streamflow is presented as reducing the complexity of video delivery workflows, by housing their entire live, linear and on-demand infrastructure under one roof.

“The upsurge of live streaming has been changing the world of content delivery,” said Zdenek Cendra, founder and CEO of CDN77. “The significant growth in demand for customized solutions goes hand in hand with the need for redundant network capacity and technical ability to deliver high-resolution videos at lower bitrates. That's why with Streamflow we built a platform on our robust network to give publishers direct control over the whole process, from ingest to playback.”

Streamflow also promises to cut down costs and reduce technical challenges that come with reliance on multi-vendor solutions.

It is run on twenty PoPs in America, Europe and Asia with DDoS protection and 14+ Tbps of redundant bandwidth capacity. Live signal ingestion is in RTMP, HLS or MPEG-DASH, VOD storage.

On-the-fly transcoding and adaptive streaming is offered as well as DVR/Catch-up services. It has built-in DRM for security and playback is via customizable HTML5 player with dynamic ad insertion and audience analytics.

“We've been proud of helping our clients grow their businesses, and top performance has always been a crucial element of it,” said Tomas Bacik, CDN77's Director of Customer Operations. “To take this even further, we've partnered up with Bradmax and implemented their HTML5 player into the Streamflow platform. This integration brings our clients additional options for monetization and evaluation, thanks to dynamic Ad insertion support and comprehensive analytics.”

CDN77's streaming clients includes German broadcasting company Sport1, TEDx Prague, European Space Agency and ESET.

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