Amino And MobiTV Collaborate Over App-based Video Services

Amino, a media technology firm based in Cambridge, UK, is collaborating with MobiTV over provision of app-based video services.

The joint Amino and MobiTV service addresses both operator and consumer demands for app-based delivery with ability to embrace a wide range of content sources.

Increasingly, new video services are resorting to app-based approaches rather than browser-based alternatives, especially for mobile delivery. MobiTV Connect is one product that meets this demand, as an end-to-end platform designed to reduce the cost of deployment and allow use of legacy components where possible.

Collaboration with MobiTV will extend life of installed devices, according to Amino CEO Donald McGarva.

Collaboration with MobiTV will extend life of installed devices, according to Amino CEO Donald McGarva.

Amino’s OS comes in by allowing devices to be upgraded with support for linear channels and streaming content to multiple screens in the home, or on the go. This exploits Amino’s upcycling process, which enables updating of device software on distributed legacy devices to be managed centrally. AminoOS Engage also provides ongoing device management, along with customer service and support, in combination with the MobiTV SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

“By enabling operators to offer exciting next generation services such as MobiTV with a relatively modest additional investment, we’re extending the life of installed devices: a highly significant CAPEX benefit,” claimed Amino CEO Donald McGarva.

MobiTV COO and President Bill Routt added: “we continue to focus on giving operators new options for delivering video services through whichever device they choose. Our partnership with Amino expands our approach, recognizing that both operators and subscribers need video services that bring the best of both legacy linear and OTT streaming.”

MobiTV, based in Emeryville, California, is a white-label, end-to-end streaming video platform provider, designed to enable pay TV operators to launch a branded, compliant, fully-featured app-based service. 

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