Nanocosmos To Demonstrate nanoStream Cloud For Low Latency Live Video

nanoStream Cloud includes the H5Live Player for delivering ULL live video. A variety of interactive video streaming applications will be highlighted.

The nanocosmos nanoStream Cloud is described as an end-to-end solution for live streaming that sets a new standard for ultra-low latency (ULL). It features H5Live Player for plug-in-free, low-latency playback (about 1 second) on any mobile and desktop browser, including Safari on iOS; a scalable CDN with a global footprint; and analytics.

The solution includes support for the entire video streaming workflow, from live encoding to streaming and playback. By reducing setup, hardware, and maintenance costs, and eliminating vendor fragmentation issues, nanoStream claims the solution provides media companies with a cost-effective solution for interactive live video streaming. Stream management with enables broadcasters to go live instantly, with auto-scaling provided by an origin and edge server for worldwide distribution.

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