Anywave Intros Liquid-Cooled VHF TV Transmitter

New transmitter continues the Magma Series product line that started with a line of UHF high-power, liquid-cooled transmitters.

Anywave recently added a new, high power, liquid-cooled, VHF Band TV Transmitter to its Magma Series product line. The new transmitter brings Anywave’s technology strengths to VHF Band 1 TV channels 2-6 (54-88 MHz).

Anywave Magma Series of Liquid Cooled TV transmitters provides broadcasters with the greatest power density and highest operating efficiencies available in digital transmitters. These Solid State, broadband transmitters range in TPOs from 5kW ATSC (4kW OFDM) to 150kW ATSC (120kW OFDM), with 25kW ATSC output from a single rack. They operate across all DTV standards including DVB-T/H, DVBT, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC3.0, ISDB-T and DTMB. The MAGMA series incorporates the powerful correction capabilities of the ACT 5X+ or 9X digital exciter platforms, designed and manufactured by Anywave.

UHF transmitter efficiency is up to 45%, with amplifier efficiency > 50%. Magma Series implements the latest state-of-the-art Asymmetrical Broadband Doherty Technology. Its ultra-high efficiency, broadband transistors provide power densities of 2.8kW (ATSC 1.0) per amplifier.

Magma Series transmitters are modular for reliability and ease of maintenance. Superior liquid cooling incorporates Friction Stir Welding and Graphene Enhanced Thermal Management technologies. ‘Optitune’ technology automatically optimizes performance and efficiency at any power level. Power Supply units are redundant and hot swappable.

AVQ real-time signal quality monitoring including spectrum, shoulders, constellation diagram, eye diagram, MER, frequency response, impulse response, group delay, and CCDF.

AVQ real-time signal quality monitoring including spectrum, shoulders, constellation diagram, eye diagram, MER, frequency response, impulse response, group delay, and CCDF.

Magma Series transmitters also provide built-in remote monitoring and control via Web Browser and SNMP.

The VHF Band 1 TV Transmitter expands Anywave’s Magma Series product line. Magma Series implements the latest state-of-the-art devices and technologies. Front panel touchscreen monitors provide easy navigation and control as well as detailed operation and performance monitoring of the entire system. With over 450 self-monitoring sensors, the MAGMA preventive monitoring system side-steps problems before they occur - providing greater peace of mind.

Anywave was established in 2007. The company's core technical team has extensive experience in the development of digital TV technologies. Anywave has made significant contributions to various digital TV standards around the world.

Based on its innovative technologies in Ultra-Efficient Power Amplifiers, Adaptive Digital Pre-Correction, Echo Cancellation and other technologies, the company has independently developed a series of high-performance digital TV transmission system equipment and has become a leading supplier in the digital TV broadcast market.

The Anywave assembly, test, and service facility is in Hebron Kentucky, near the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Anywave's headquarters and engineering center is in Lincolnshire, IL, near Chicago.

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