Sirui Introduces New Video Lenses for Smartphones

Sirui has launched two new lenses for smart phone videography and photography. They are the TL-400mm Long Focus Lens Kit and the VD-01 Anamorphic Lens. Both use German-manufactured Schott glass.

VD-01 Anamorphic Lens

VD-01 Anamorphic Lens

Sirui said the TL-400mm Long Focus Lens Kit uses Schott optical glass and multi-layer anti-reflection coating for high levels of light transmission, precise color rendition and reduced vignetting and distortion. The kit includes a table-top tripod and adjustable locking ball head. It also includes a Bluetooth remote. The lens is constructed of aircraft aluminum.

The VD-01 Anamorphic lens allows users to shoot videos in widescreen format with light flares, as cinema lenses. It requires the Sirui Lens App or the purchase of FiLMic Pro App for use.

Built to the same high standards as the long focus lens, the anamorphic model features the lens, a storage case, lens cover, lens clip, lens cloth and documentation for the lens and app.

Sirui is a Chinese manufacturer known for camera support products. It has recently expanded into other imaging products. 

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