Sonifex Shows Latest Audio Interfaces At BroadcastAsia

At the end of last year Sonifex announced it was developing a new series of Dante commentary units, and at this year’s Broadcast Asia Show in Singapore, it showed them as shipping products.

Among a number of new features, the DIO Audiophile Dante Interfaces are all compliant with Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager network management software. This makes them able to operate on a remote or on premise Dante AoIP audio network and allows users to connect legacy analog and digital audio equipment.

Sonifex has included using A/D and D/A circuitry that it said is 10 times better than similar competing products — offering >120dB of dynamic range.

Using Dante Controller for configuration and powered by PoE, the aluminum boxes have side slots for screw mounting and contain special circuitry for optimal audio performance. They also use Neutrik EtherCon connectors and Neutrik lockable audio connectors for reliable connectivity.

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