Aveco Launch Ramoji Group’s ETV Bharat App

Hyderabad-based Ramoji Group selects Aveco for fully automated newsroom to drive 24 channels for ETV Bharat App.

The App serves as the gateway for content across 12 Indian languages (Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu) plus English.

“’One Nation — One App’ is the slogan for ETV Bharat,” said the Chairman of Ramoji Group, Ramoji Rao. “The ETV Bharat App requires a great deal of content and one of the only ways to handle that content is with the dynamic workflow provided by Aveco.” 

ETV Bharat has worked with Aveco on the automation of other channel groups. Using Aveco’s ingest, production control room and master control room platforms — in conjunction with an Octopus newsroom computer system — at the ETV Bharat facility in Ramoji Film City, this first of its kind project in India delivers a dynamic workflow with a fully automated newsroom to ETV Bharat.

“This project had a very unique requirement on the workflow side, with the requirement for a dynamic system that would be flexible enough to scale, based on future requirements,” said Kulvinder Singh, VP of Sales, SAARC (South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation) for Aveco. “During the proof-of-concept phase, Aveco demonstrated all of the features that were expected by ETV Bharat, including third-party device integration, where Aveco automation handles the same ports for multiple operations for both PCR and MCR.”

The ETV Bharat App provides the ability for users to “drill down” from national news to news from 29 Indian states and then to 725 districts across the country for hyper-local content. With over 5,000 mobile journalists (MoJo) trained and empowered with state-of-the-art mobile news reporting equipment, the ETV Bharat App’s “Newstime” program provides a live 5-minute update every hour around the clock. Aveco PCR and MCR automation manages the dynamic workflow for all 12 language versions of “Newstime,” as well as the App’s standard 55-minute news clock for all of its channels.

“What Aveco has enabled is news gathering and production at a greater speed so that the massive amount of media can be managed to get news to the app extremely quickly,” added Singh.

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