Nemal Introduces Stadium-4 Plenum SMPTE 311 Four-Channel HD Camera Cable System

Nemal Electronics has debuted the Stadium-4 Plenum System for stadiums and other multi-camera venues. It provides substantial savings in cost, weight, space and installation labor when compared to standard SMPTE camera cables. 

Nemal said benefits of the new system include ease of installation and maintenance, flexibility to upgrade and expand to meet future needs and substantial savings in space, weight and installation time.

“This is a game changer for us and for the industry, said Benjamin Nemser, founder and CEO of Nemal Electronics. “We’re seeing an average installed cost savings of 30 percent for many of our high-profile clients, such as NBC. Sometimes your venue doesn’t have enough usable space to run a large number of conventional SMPTE cables.

The ability to run one cable instead of four and also utilize plenum areas can easily make the difference between go and no go for the project,” said Nemser. “Everything comes down to whether or not a broadcast integration project, upgrade or new installation is both technically and economically viable. We’ve seen clients give the green light to a project simply because the Stadium-4 Plenum System makes it affordable and feasible”

Day-to-day use and maintenance of the system can be performed by virtually everyone on the venue’s technical team. Panels allow for change or replacement of SMPTE connector modules within one to two minutes. Standard panels are eight-position — either LEMO or Neutrik opticalCON — and occupy two-rack units. Panels are available either with individual enclosed modules, or as a single enclosure with a mid-plane interconnect.  

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