Telos Infinity IP Intercom Used at Lollapalooza Brazil

The Telos Infinity IP Intercom system was used on six stages for Lollapalooza Brazil in São Paolo, April 5-7, 2019, helping the event attain communications on a matrix-free IP backbone.

The Telos Alliance worked closely with New York Digital and Visom Digital, authorized reseller for Infinity IP Intercom in Brazil, to spec the system. Globosat, the largest broadcaster in Latin America, had the need to tie all the stages and production center of Lollapalooza Brazil together, and turned to New York Digital to provide that expertise.

Danny Littwin, Grammy and Emmy award-winning director of New York Digital, worked closely with Globosat's lead engineer, Fabio Costa de Almeida, to specify the Telos Infinity system. The matrix-free design allowed producers to add expansion panels on the fly while taking up less space in the truck.

“It was necessary to have something that would take up very little physical space and be able to be controlled remotely and changed instantaneously,” Littwin said. “While matrix technology does let you make changes remotely, the fact is that you have to have a lot of physical space for its rack, plus all the peripherals. In the case of Infinity, we had only one rack unit worth of equipment, including a half-rack Axia xSwitch and a half-rack Telos Alliance Mixed Signal xNode. This was the only equipment that needed to stay in the van, everything else was remoted to other places.”

The Infinity system was set up with Partylines for both Lollapalooza’s on-air directors and producers, allowing them to communicate instantaneously with any one of the event’s stages. “Even in 120-degree heat inside the truck, there were absolutely no difficulties in communication, which speaks to the resiliency of the Infinity equipment,” Littwin said.

Installation with the Infinity IP intercom system, Littwin said, is minimal. "Being all IP-based, it’s very plug-and-play with none of the problems associated with matrix systems. That’s a very big plus!” 

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