Full Sail University Creates America’s Biggest College E-Sports Arena Using G&D KVM

After a planning and construction phase of around one year, the largest American college E-sports arena “The Fortress” recently went live on air from Full Sail University, Florida.

A 6 million dollars investment, “The Fortress” can accommodate up to 500 spectators, making it the largest college E-sports arena in the USA.

Although the arena primarily plays host to the local college team, it also hosts countless third party gaming events, college tournaments, live-streaming E-sports competitions and live concerts.

One of the main challenges was creating an ultra-flexible multimedia space that could host a variety of E-sports formats. Therefore, as flexibility plays a central role in all respects, the backbone of the IT-supported infrastructure relies on Guntermann & Drunck's high-end matrix system ControlCenter-Compact.

The solution allows the physical transfer of computer technology from the control room and the arena into a centralised and secure server room. The computers are then remotely operated in real time and connected via a distributer. 

The video quality is loss-free and pixel-perfect for optimum performance, and users can even work remotely their from their computers, eliminating the need for them to be in the room physically.

The control room takes over all production and has been set up to flexibly adapt to different formats, in order to provide participants and spectators in the arena a professional and enjoyable E-sports experience. 

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