Estonia’s Kanal 2 Switches To Software-Defined Production From EVS

Kanal 2, Estonia’s largest private television network, has installed a new Dyvi switcher from EVS, allowing it to produce high-quality programming, pre-record content and also drive the material shown on four large video walls in its main studio in Tallinn. The new EVS production switcher—a single processing module with 32 inputs and 16 outputs—is used daily for a variety of studio productions including news bulletins, weather forecasts, talk shows, magazine programs and sports broadcasts.

The EVS Dyvi’s software-centric design enables users to customize its control surface to fit any production or creative need. The unique switcher architecture also makes it easy to load production pre-sets from one show to another. This makes it ideal for a busy broadcast center environment where productions can take place back to back, run from a single control room serving one or multiple studios.

With less than one week of on-site configuration and training required, Kanal 2’s production team has transitioned from its legacy switcher to the Dyvi. Combining the main program output and the on-camera video wall control enables one operator to seamlessly orchestrate the entire show from the Dyvi without requiring extra resources. By using simple offsets and substitution tables in the switcher, content can be easily fed to screens that have a canvas well beyond HD/1080p.

“Dyvi is unlike any other production switcher out there,” said Toivo Taremaa, Head of AV Technology at Kanal 2, who oversaw the deployment. “By embracing its new GPU and software-defined approach to live production, we can do more than ever before. Being able to drive our studio screens via our switcher, while we produce our programming is a game-changer. And if we need to, we know we can easily scale it to meet our future demands. Overall, we’ve found Dyvi to be very flexible, intuitive and reactive, and it has really freed us up to be more creative across all of our productions.”

When compared to a traditional production switcher, the compact GPU-enabled platform processes complex and multi-layered video designs, powerful effects and graphics at the touch of a button. The Dyvi also enables easy scaling up by adding several processing modules together in a cluster, each providing 32 inputs/16 outputs (SDI/IP) and GPU processing power. The switcher’s processing modules and customizable panels can be assigned to multiple galleries to provide better resource utilization or be combined for bigger production requirements.

Kanal 2 purchased its Dyvi through Avec Est Oü (EVS’ channel partner in Estonia), which oversaw the installation and on-site training.

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