Camplex Introduces  SFP 4K HDMI Fiber Extender

Camplex has introduced a new 4K HDMI single fiber extender that sends HDMI 2.0 signals over 3,300 feet of single mode fiber cable and 1,000 feet over multimode fiber. It supports video resolutions up to [email protected]/60Hz.

With a video bandwidth of 18Gps, Complex said the fiber extender system was designed for applications that require high resolution video transmission over longer distances such as digital signage, eSports, houses of worship and concert venues.

The CMX-HDMI-SFP fiber extender includes two locking power adapters to ensure system stability and reliability as well as bidirectional IR control and RS-232 transmission to allow source operation from the display or destination device and operation from the source as both the transmitter and the receiver units can pass IR signals over the fiber to the other unit. 

Two LC fiber SFP modules, two pair IR blasters, two RS232 connectors and two power supplies are included in the package. 

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