University of Sydney Goes 4K With Editshare

The University of Sydney’s (Sydney Uni) Learning Media Team is producing video content in 4K using EditShare storage supplied by local outfit DigiStor.

“Our team of five produce educational videos for both international and on-campus students and the Learning Media Team has grown rapidly over the last three years in order to meet the growing demand for quality video content in 4K,” explains Lead Research & Learning - Media Production Educational Innovation and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Tom Cavdarovski. “Our legacy direct attach storage system was not designed to work in a multi project environment, so we turned to Digistor to help us find a central media solution which would streamline our production workflow and integrate with existing University systems.”

He continued, “Based on Digistor’s expertise and recommendation we chose the Editshare XStream EFS 300 Node 96TB system. This included 82TB of usable storage, a 10GB Ethernet RJ45 switch and 10 Licenses of Flow. The XStream was an ideal solution as we were after a relatively small and simple set up with minimum administrative overhead. It also easily integrated with our existing IT systems ensuring the new server was secure and robust. We have both a Mac and Windows environment and connect our seven client machines via a Thunderbolt converter and cate6A cables, so the new Editshare XStream system had to be able to work seamlessly within this environment, which it did.”

The Learning Media team’s projects can have anywhere from one to sixty videos being produced at any one time and all must be able to be edited by any one of the team at any time.

Cavdarovski added, “The team now work primarily in Creative Cloud and use common templates and branding assets for all projects. This was not possible to do with our previous set-up. By having a centralised MAM workflow we now streamline our processes on a daily basis. When we first did a needs analysis to ramp up our production output, it was obvious we were losing valuable time trying to manage files across incompatible systems and protocols. The new Editshare XStream solution supplied by Digistor saves us that time by being efficient and effective.”

The team shoot with Blackmagic URSA and Studio cameras, Sony FS7, Panasonic GH4 and 5 DSLR, OSMO and Mavic drone cameras. Delivery output is 1080p and includes web-based channels including YouTube, Coursera and Arc video platforms.

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