Bannister Lake Web Widgets Assist Election Coverage

Global Television’s Alberta Provincial election night featured two new data-driven products designed to communicate the nuances of results to viewers and editorial teams.

Bannister Lake worked with Global Television's production, design, and technical teams to deliver a touchscreen-based series of web widgets that incorporated live election results, historical results, and important demographic data. Global Television used the web widgets to illustrate the connections between election results and contextual data such as household income and family status. By using maps, viewers could instantly comprehend and contrast regional and city-suburban voting outcomes.

"As broadcasters look to expand their election coverage online and to mobile devices, our web widgets will play a vital role," said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake. "Not only do they create a highly visual, interactive experience for viewers, they also allow interesting datasets to be incorporated, helping tell a more complete and compelling election story."

Bannister Lake's HTML5-based widgets can be launched for other live data applications including sports, finance, and eSports. The widgets are designed to be fully responsive and interactive. The same products can be used on-air as well as online, granting viewers control over the specific content they want to consume.

Bannister Lake's election race software solution Elector was also used. Its Results Timeline feature helps analysts and reporters better predict race outcomes by displaying a graphical timeline of election results per constituency or per party that is consistently updated as data comes in.

“This feature provides an easy way to read visual representation of the overall voting trend and allows analysts to quickly identify races that are fluctuating dramatically, have a clear winner early on, or are too close to call,” said Hentsch.

"Election night coverage is all about results," adds Gerry Belec, director of news technology and operations at Corus Entertainment. "The touch-enabled maps and the new features in Elector allowed us to use data in new ways that genuinely engaged our audience.”

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