Cantemo Boosts AI And Encoding In Iconik

Cantemo’s latest version of its cloud video hub, iconik includes more flexible AI support and reduced cloud egress costs.

Iconik already uses AI but the latest version allows users with existing Google Vision, Google Video Intelligence, or Amazon Rekognition licenses to use those with iconik. Cantemo says it will be adding support for more AI solutions in the near future.

Also launched is the iconik Edge Transcoder, which can run as a standalone transcoder for cloud storages. This is intended to reduce egress costs for storage in the same region. The iconik Storage Gateway now contains a log of the most recent errors or warnings across all storages, making for an easy overview.

Marking segments within the iconik media player is easier thanks to the addition of simple buttons. Users can mark in and out points in the player User Interface as well as adding time-based comments.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo, commented: “The way in which video is created, edited, and distributed, is changing. This means those providers and companies producing video need flexible solutions that make it easy to collaborate with others across the globe while increasing workflow efficiency and reducing associated costs.”

Other enhancements include the ability to update metadata in bulk for media content in saved searches as well as being able to filter those saved searches. Custom logos added to the iconik system UI will now appear in any email notifications sent from within iconik.

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