LuxLi Introduces the Viola 2 LED Light

Luxli has introduced the Viola 2, what it calls the brightest, most accurate five-inch LED light on the market.

Luxli said the new portable light, weighing ¾ of a pound (340 grams), is bi-color, fully RGB and has 150 digital gels and ten special effects.

Viola 2’s 88 LEDs are RGBAW — a technology that assures a consistent brightness of 700 lux at one meter and a consistent accuracy of about 95 CRI and 97 TLCI no matter the color temperature.

Set the light to any color temperature with the Viola’s CCT mode. A twist of the dial adjusts the Viola from 3,000 to 10,000 K to accurately match any environment.

The Viola 2 has the full spectrum of RGB built in. Want to add a gel? There are 150 classic digital gel filters loaded in. Users can apply each gel to any color temperature to match your existing lights with filters. Gels are a thing of the past.

Want to create fire without matches, or shoot a sunset without having to be there at sunset? Use one of the Viola 2’s ten effects.

Download the free iOS/Android app to unlock even more possibilities - like remote controlling multiple Viola 2s.

The price is $518.95.

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