Ross Video Introduces the Furio SkyDolly

Ross Video has announced the Furio SkyDolly, a ceiling-mounted version of the Furio family of camera robotics.

Ross said the Furio SkyDolly has been designed with safety as a priority. The captive dolly cannot be derailed and comes with safety tethers for the payload and head.

Its sturdy three-wheel design, enlarged wheelbase (60 percent wider and 40 percent longer than other Furio products) and raised center of mass ensure shake-free operation while offering rock solid stability for dramatic overhead moving shots.

Custom cable management reduces drag and moves quietly, with minimal impact on overall footprint. SkyDolly also features a payload capacity that is high enough to support a full-size prompter.

Initially available with fixed columns ranging 12 to 48 inches, Furio SkyDolly is compatible with all Furio heads and can be added to existing Ross Robotics products under SmartShell or OverDrive control.

Like all Furio systems, SkyDolly also provides accurate tracking data for virtual studio/augmented reality applications. An inverted lift mechanism will be made available later in 2019. 

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