​Symply Debut Desktop SAN With Thunderbolt 3

SymplyWORKSPACE is claimed – and it’s a mouthful - as the industry’s first StorNext 6 powered, 8 client, 4K capable desk-side Thunderbolt3 shared storage solution.

Its basic version costs $10,995 and will get you 24TB of RAID protected storage and four simultaneous Mac users. More advanced enables collaboration for up to eight simultaneous Mac, Windows, or Linux editors, and features advanced RAID protection for content safety. It is available from Global Distribution.

“With the high adoption rates of Thunderbolt in smaller post, in-house creative, and other content creators, connecting high-speed shared storage has been a hassle, requiring expensive and bulky adapters and rack mounted hot and noisy storage, servers, and switches,” said Nick Warburton VP sales Global Distribution. “SymplyWORKSPACE fixes those pesky problems, it allows Thunderbolt 3 clients to just plug into the desk-side system and work! Ingest, edit, finish, and deliver all without ever moving content locally, even at 4K resolutions, and no adapters or racks needed."

Based on the Quantum StorNext 6 sharing software, users can connect up to eight laptops and workstations to the system and share video files, graphics and other data files with no copying “and no worry about version control or duplicated files.” A file server can also be attached in order to re-share content to other users across ethernet.

Symply says it has also addressed the short cable length issues commonly cited with Thunderbolt. By partnering with Corning and using its latest Thunderbolt 3 optical cable technology clients can be up to fifty feet away from the appliance while maintaining full high-speed collaboration.

Several other configurations with up to 288TB supporting multiple 4K streams, and any combination of up to eight Mac, Windows, or Linux users are available.

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