​Object Matrix Promotes MatrixStore 4.0

The latest version of MatrixStore has been enhanced to further improve hybrid workflows.

As well as deeper integrations with cloud storage, MatrixStore 4.0 has a redefined management experience, enabling browser based admin access. Admin users can login from anywhere on a web browser and access all the admin tools available. This includes updating permissions and roles and adding or removing users.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO Object Matrix, commented: “We strongly believe that the future of storage is neither on-premise nor in the cloud, but a combination of both. By delivering integrated hybrid workflows, we can allow our customers to work local, share global.”

The latest version also features improved and enhanced search capabilities on full or partial Process in Place field values. It allows searching based on words or regex expressions within the metadata values extracted by PiP making it easier than ever to find items within MatrixStore quickly and efficiently.

A more robust SAMBA package means automated failover to a second hub should the first hub go offline for any reason. An updated REST management API makes it easy to create customised workflows.

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