Comark Unveils Tower-Mounted TV Transmitter at 2019 NAB Show

Comark to unveil an environmentally-sealed Next Generation TV SFN solution that makes sense.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark announced it will introduce a new tower-mounted, ATSC 3.0 transmitter solution at the 2019 NAB Show. This new product will be on display in the Comark exhibit.

ATSC 3.0 deployments are beginning to bring new and exciting services to both broadcasters and consumers. Broadcasters will initially be deploying ATSC 3.0 on their current tall tower, high power DTV transmitter systems, and many are discussing implementing Single Frequency Network (SFN) solutions to increase signal coverage within a given market area.

Current transmitter technologies for SFN implementations utilize indoor, medium-power DTV transmitter solutions with output power levels ranging from 500W to 5kW.Another option to implement SFN will be to use multiple, small cell, tower mounted transmitters to further enhance signal distribution and redundancy.

At the 2019 NAB Show, Comark will debut a dedicated tower mount product. This new transmitter technology is specifically designed for small-cell, SFN ATSC 3.0 architectures supporting TDM, multi-PLP, LDM and more. The SFN transmitter architecture supports UHF, from 5W to 50W RF output power levels using 50VDC LDMOS technology, with A/324 STLTP (IP) signal input and -48VDC power input.

RF output is on a 7-16 DIN for connection to the antenna. The unit has built-in SNMP for remote network monitoring and control, and built-in GPS receiver for precision SFN timing. A satellite IRD card is optional.

“The introduction of a tower mounted transmitter solution is a natural progression in our product line offering,” says Dick Fiore, President and CEO of COMARK. “We have many ATSC 3.0 transmitters already on-the-air, including SFN systems in both medium and low power levels. Our engineering team has been working diligently on this new tower mounted product, and we feel it represents the future of SFN deployments for Next Generation Broadcast Television services.”

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