​Telestream And Cloudian’s Joint Storage Solution

The collaboration combines Telestream Vantage and Cloudian HyperStore technologies to provide intelligence for search and analysis of media files by leveraging automated enriched metadata tagging.

The intent is to enable media organizations to realise the full value of their content libraries, the firm's state.

Under the joint offer, Telestream Vantage creates a ‘media-aware’ overlay on the Cloudian HyperStore object storage platform. Vantage processes and analyzes media files, providing services such as auto-transcription and captioning, keyword analysis, ingest workflow and asset QC automation, and active library management functions. It also automatically creates enriched metadata that is stored with the associated content in HyperStore. As a result, customers can more easily search, discover and analyze media files and develop programmatic metadata-driven workflow automation within the HyperStore environment.

The solution leverages Cloudian’s object storage architecture to provide “limitless, non-disruptive scalability” and—through its geo-distribution features—ready access to content no matter where it physically resides, on site or in a public cloud. 

“The joint solution provides robust, industry-leading media processing capabilities while affording the operational agility and flexibility to handle unexpected media workflow demands,” said Chris Osika, CMO at Telestream.

“Traditional storage platforms can’t meet the scale, intelligence or cost efficiencies needed for today’s media workflows,” said Jon Toor, CMO at Cloudian. “We’re excited about building on our partnership with Telestream to deliver a next-generation storage and management solution that overcomes this obstacle and enables media organizations to drive new value and opportunities from their growing content libraries.”


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