Appear TV Provides Video Delivery For VAR

Appear TV, says it has deployed low latency contribution links for the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in unnamed football leagues in Europe and Asia.

Appear TV’s X20 contribution links are currently deployed in OB vans, where a single X20 chassis encodes more than 20 signals with low latency before being encapsulated to IP and sent to the video operation room (VOR). At the reception site, the X20 system decodes the signals for further analysis. Some of these signals are then encoded in the same chassis and sent back to the OB vans.

“We are very proud to be delivering a solution with unique characteristics that is re-defining video delivery in the contribution segment,” says Sergio Renteria, Sales Director. “Multi-camera video alignment, multiple codec and format support, and a rich variety of input and output interfaces enable our clients to satisfy several requirements, such as delivery of UHD services and transition to IP workflows, all of which have an increasing demand in the years to come.”

The X20, part of Appear TV’s X-Series line that includes the X10 and X20, supports lintra-codecs (JPEG2000, TICO) as well as AVC and HEVC. There are modules for receiving compressed or uncompressed video from IP or SDI.

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