Zixi Helps Sencore Enhance Streaming Video Quality

The Zixi Platform delivers mezzanine quality broadcast technology for live video giving content creators and distributors a real choice in efficient, dependable workflow solutions.

Zixi recently announced that Sencore has integrated Zixi in to its new DMG7000 Transport Stream Gateway, allowing content providers to transmit content over the open internet with confidence and certainty. Sencore has also added support for Zixi ZEN Master for the simple configuration, orchestration and monitoring of the devices and appliances that are part of the Zixi Enabled Network, as well as manage the inputs and outputs for hundreds of live videos and Zixi streams at scale.

The DMG 7000 will debut at the 2019 NAB Show in the Sencore exhibit. It uses the latest software-based platform from Sencore to deliver a highly flexible transport stream processor, allowing content providers to bridge the gap between unmanaged and managed networks. Demanded by the industry’s largest content providers, Zixi’s proven, best-of-breed IP distribution coupled with Sencore’s DMG 7000 Transport Stream Gateway allows a secure and reliable low-cost distribution workflow over IP.

The DMG 7000 Transport Stream Gateway’s advantage lies in its dynamic software-based design that allows broadcasters to grow and adapt distribution methods quickly as hardware platforms evolve. The DMG 7000 enables bulletproof transport stream distribution over the internet using Zixi to transmit and receive. Its field and headend models can scale from single channel or multichannel applications, while its adaptable design allows it to be deployed on COTS hardware in a variety of form factors.

Zixi’s well-proven methods of optimizing IP-networks to deliver live video content in real-time, leveraging a fast, secure and reliable contribution methodology for getting video content over terrestrial means will give DMG 7000 Transport Stream Gateway customers an advantage. Zixi provides a best-in-class resiliency using a combination of content-aware and network adaptive forward error correction, error recovery, congestion avoidance, bonding of multiple transmission paths and dynamic feedback to control encoder rate, all at a minimal latency.

Sencore’s MRD 7000 Software-based Receiver Decoder with Zixi integration will also debut at the a 2019 NAB Show. It provides content providers the agility to downscale for contribution decoding needs for a variety of formats of video codecs. The MRD 7000 is ideal to serve as a reference decoder with the ability to decode JPEG 2000, HEVC, H.264 & MPEG2 with support for HDR. Incorporating 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0, 4 x 3G-SDI or SMPTE 2110 outputs and delivering resolution up to 4K/UHD, this decoder packs powerful performance in a versatile environment.

“The software defined gateway of the DMG 7000 allows clients to easily ingest tested workflows into their existing architecture” said Aaron Doughtery, Director of Product Management of Sencore. “The Zixi integration, with the control plane of Zen Master at the center for complete workflow visibility across the media supply chain, provides a mature and dependable system that gives our clients a trusted path to distribution over IP.”

John Wastcoat, SVP Alliances and Marketing at Zixi said “We are excited to further expand the interoperability of the Zixi ecosystem with Sencore so that content creators can have an economical and trusted way to leverage IP networks around the world with the broadcast quality video distribution that today’s consumer demands.”

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