Archiware Previews Latest MAM And Storage Partners

The upcoming version of the Archiware P5 Software Suite features new technology and interface design. Also shown at NAB were the latest partnerships with storage manufacturer LumaForge, EditShare and KYNO.

Version 6 of the Archiware P5 data management software suite receives a design overhaul including a dark mode and new icons.

The firm hosts California-based shared production storage team LumaForge to demonstrate Jellyfish shared storage with Archiware P5 for archive, backup and cloning of media files.

In collaboration with QNAP Systems, Archiware showcased direct-to-LTO Archive from a QNAP NAS device. EditShare’s Flow and Lesspain’s KYNO were also on display integrated with archive backend and facilitating the use of LTO Tape as a storage option for finished projects.

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