CEntrance to Show New Ways to Create Mobile Content at NAB

At NAB, CEntrance will debut new ways to create professional audio content for video, podcasting, ENG and live streaming with the new MixerFace and MicPort Pro portable devices.

CEntrance’s MixerFace is a passport-sized, four-input audio mixer that records to a smartphone, the built-in SD card recorder, or both, for redundancy. A combination of mobile mixer, recorder and USB audio interface, it features professional sound quality and a rechargeable battery that lasts eight hours.

MixerFace mounts to a mic stand or a tripod and connects to DSLR and video cameras. Paired with a smartphone or a camera, the device improves audio quality over typical on-camera audio. It dramatically improves production values of both professional and semi-professional video shoots. Endorsed by touring artists, MixerFace is the ideal mixer and recorder for working remotely or in the studio.

"I used MixerFace R4 in France in August while I was traveling and the recordings were fantastic," said Joe Cipriano, one of the top voiceover announcers, who has worked for NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox TV.

MicPort Pro 2 is a vacuum tube-sized recording interface for your smartphone. It improves on the highly successful MicPort Pro, which has been a staple of voiceover artists for years.

The new model includes CEntrance’s Jasmine Mic Preamp, which features lower noise and higher gain, adds an internal rechargeable battery to allow recording with phones and tablets, and features a standard camera shoe mount. An ideal way to connect a broadcast mic to your cell phone, MicPort Pro will be invaluable for content creation on-the-go.

MixerFace comes in three models. R4 retails for $349. USD (shipping now), R4R adds a built-in SD card recorder, $449. USD (shipping now), R4B adds a pair of XY mics and SD recorder, $499. USD (shipping in Q2 2019). MicPort Pro 2 is $249 USD (shipping in Q2 2019).

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