Octopus to unveil latest innovations at NAB 2019

Octopus will demo the innovative Octopus iReporter app at booth SL7627 at NAB 2019.

The Octopus iReporter ap converts viewers into potential reporters.The iReporter is equipped with an interactive geo-targeting map to locate people near a breaking event.

In addition, the company will showcase next-generation newsroom planning tools to support real-time collaboration between news teams, where they can contribute from anywhere to anywhere. Octopus expands viewer engagement with social media integration and quick publication on major content management systems.

Octopus will demo an enhanced assignment desk that can also be used for resource management, tracking and expenses monitoring. The assignment desk allows multiple views, including calendar and agenda. Users can also create custom fields within the assignment desk to fit their preferred workflow style.

"Octopus reduces wasted time by facilitating improved sharing options," says Gene Sudduth, National Sales Director for North America. "Content and resources can be shared in real-time between multiple teams working on the same topic and from different platforms."

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