Indipro Tools to Introduce Porta-Pak Battery at NAB

At NAB 2019, Indipro Tools will unveil its new Porta-Pak battery, a 98 watt hour battery tailored to integrate with DSLR camera monitors, LED lighting and audio/video converters.

With its small footprint (3 x 5 x 1.5-inches), the Indiepro Porta-Pak 98 watt hour battery enables users to power up their camera and accessories using one compact power source. The battery incorporates a 2.5mm outputting connector at 12V, a 2.1mm outputting connector at 7.4V and a 5V USB to charge multiple devices at once.

The Porta-Pak features an on-board four-segment LED battery level indicator to ensure the user knows precisely when to recharge. It also includes a two-amp charger for a quick and powerful charge on-the-go.

The unit comes complete with a utility bag that can be clipped to a belt – in which the Porta-Pak battery can sit while in use, a dummy LP-E6 battery to power Blackmagic’s 4K camera and 2.1-mm and 2.5-mm splitter cables.

An optional battery enclosure with multi-mount options that enables the user to mount directly to cameras and tripods is also available.

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