Panama’s Medcom Selects Aveco for Three Studio Production Automation Systems

Aveco’s automation technology will be used for three terrestrial television channels (Telemetro, RPC TV and Oye TV) and four cable television channels (ECO TV, Mall TV, Cable Onda Sports and Cable Onda Sports FC).

The installation will be the first studio production automation system for Aveco in Central America, and is the first phase of a three studio project. Telemetro and ECO TV are scheduled to be on-air by the end of Q1

“This new automation system from Aveco delivers everything we could ask for,” said Carlos Rodriguez, Technology Manager for Medcom. “It’s was so easy for our staff to learn and the transition was extremely smooth. It’s as if our operators had been using it for 10 years. Now we have less on-air errors, a better looking newscast and can focus our efforts on creating better content instead of worrying about operational tasks.”

The company said that the production systems installed by Medcom provide evidence for fellow Latin-American broadcasters that high-quality production automation be can be performed at a reasonable price.

The ASTRA MAM system will help integrate all systems onto a single unifying platform by linking to all other storage devices, and providing a central point for media management. A rules-based transfer engine automates transfer and operations between multiple systems to simplify day-to-day operations

Medcom said it expects to realize a two-thirds reduction in operating costs at Cable Onda Sports, which went on-air in mid-November of 2018.

Cable Onda Sports studio. Click to enlarge.

Cable Onda Sports studio. Click to enlarge.

The Aveco systems automated production system operates in real-time, integrates with third-party devices and can be easily scaled up for future expansion.

Aveco will have its entire range of news studio production automation, studio production recording automation, master control, MAM with workflow automation, ingest and playout solutions at the NAB Show 2019.

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