​FlavourSys Rebrands To Projective Technology

FlavourSys Technology, the company behind Strawberry and Osiris, is relaunching the company as Projective Technology intended to better align the brand with its core values.

“We’ve come a long way over the past year, and the timing was right to make a change. We wanted to highlight what makes us different: helping our customers better manage their creative projects,” explains CEO Derek Barrilleaux of Projective Technology. “Project sharing, controlling project access and managing project storage, everything our customers need to make those project workflows work for them. We are all about the project.”

The company’s product names, such as Strawberry, Preditor, and Osiris will remain unchanged. Strawberry is a project-based Production Asset Management tool.

“The focus of our development has always been to marry best of breed IT knowledge and technology with our expertise and deep understanding of what the creative teams need”, says Co-founder and Head of Development Marco Stahl. “Many productions really struggle with storage chaos around their editing projects, and Strawberry and Osiris are designed for them. Now our company name better reflects this value.”

Another aspect of the company rebrand is the office move to Berlin Mitte, the creative and hip center of Germany’s capital. 

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