Videon Show Streamers and Edge Encoders at NAB 2019

Videon showcased its latest products for live streaming at NAB 2019, covering both traditional broadcast and live events.

The company highlighted two new product lines, the VersaStreamer encoder and EdgeCaster edge compute encoder, with a focus on efficiency, low latency and combining multiple functions in a single package.

The VersaStreamer caters for event streaming and general commercial broadcasting, with support for multiple RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol ) streams, designed to combine as much versatility as possible in a single all-in-one streaming and recording device. It allows streaming locally, point to point, as well as from multiple online video platforms simultaneously, while also recording to a backup USB storage device. It is available in three models with support for up to 4K resolutions, suitable according to the firm for house of worship, corporate, sports, gaming, and live-event applications.

Then the EdgeCaster Professional Edge Compute Encoder Line is built for broadcasters seeking more advanced streaming features, while still minimizing costs. Features include low-latency streaming, multiple-bit-rate support, forward error correction, and full duplex encoding/decoding.

The EdgeCaster HD and EdgeCaster 4K encoders are specifically designed to eliminate computationally intensive processes from the cloud, including transcoding and format repackaging from RTMP to HLS/DASH. The EdgeCaster 4K also enables multiple bit rates. The firm, based in State College, Pennsylvania, contends that by processing video more efficiently on an edge hardware device, EdgeCaster systems significantly reduce cloud service fees while improving the viewer experience by cutting latency to the bone. The firm is aiming here at delay-sensitive video applications, as well as for high-volume streaming to limited numbers of viewers per stream, as in betting, auctions, security and gaming services.

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