BEIT 2019 Conference Offers a Detailed Look at All-IP REMI Production In Australia

Remote “At Home” operations and de-centralized connectivity strategies for live multi-venue productions are increasingly being deployed, thanks to the emergence of all-IP infrastructures that bring cost and operational efficiencies.

During the NAB 2019 Show, Phillip Myers, Senior Director, IP Systems at Lawo, will present a technical white paper at a Sunday BEIT session, at 1:30-2:50 PM, Room N260-C of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Supplying IP-technology and engineering expertise, Lawo helped support one of the world’s first live broadcasts for a Fox Sports Australia A-League match between Perth Glory and the Central Coast Mariners on March 10, 2018.

Against a backdrop of emerging and rapidly evolving technologies in the broadcast industry, this real-world deployment of SMPTE 2110 across multi-site domains and at-scale provides unique insight into the future of broadcasting and the resulting customer benefits.

Session host Phillip Myers.

Session host Phillip Myers.

This timely discussion is part of the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEIT), and will look at the inner workings and technical details that made this remote production telecast so successful. It will also discuss the development of facility-wide infrastructures and the operational benefits of extending beyond the LAN into the WAN to deliver flexible, efficient remote productions.

Underpinning this milestone At Home production was a state-of-the-art, all-IP infrastructure at NEP Australia that provided complete and reliable connectivity within the Andrews hub and remote IP connectivity to the venue in Perth, some 4,000 kilometers away.

For the March 10 match, a 40-foot all-IP production truck was rolled up outside of the stadium (the truck can do a 16-camera show on its own) with camera operators and an audio A2 on site along with the announcers. Uncompressed video and audio signals were sent from Perth to Sydney via a 50 Gbps Telstra fiber so that the production team (comprised of a producer, director, TD, EVS replay operators, graphics operators, camera shaders, and the A1 audio mixer) at the Andrews Hub could cut the show.

The Sunday BEIT presentation will also spotlight the various technologies deployed—from a simple IP edge device to a complex unified control and monitoring system—while also highlighting the technological obstacles overcome by the deployment teams due to vendor device immaturity, evolving industry standards, multiple timing planes, and Telco interconnectivity.

If your organization is considering migrating to an IP infrastructure for signal delivery, this session is not to be missed.

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