Lumens Introduces VS-KB30 IP Camera Controller

Lumens Integration has introduced the new VS-KB30 IP camera controller for PTZ cameras. It was designed for use in broadcasting and other events.

Lumens said the camera controller supports VISCA protocol, VISCA over IP, Pelco P&D, ONVIF and NDI|HX making it easier to discover, connect and control PTZ cameras.

The camera controller features quick access functionality that allows instant adjustments to exposure, white balance, focus, PTZ speed and six assigned keys for frequently-needed camera functions. It is equipped with the RS-232C/RS-422/Ethernet communication interfaces with PoE and is able to extend the installation distance up to 328 feet and controls up to 255 cameras.

There are different system setups for every customer that uses IP technology. Customers may use the camera controller with an IP camera. Others may use the camera controller with multiple cameras and video capture box for live streaming.

The VS-KB30 is designed with a backlight keypad display which is suitable for different lighting environments, and features “one-cable” for the transmission of power and control.

The VS-KB30 camera controller is priced at $1,799 and is now available.

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