Israeli Broadcaster Galei Tsahal Upgrades To Dalet Galaxy Five

The music radio station upgrades to enhance production and delivery of its music and news-related content through social media networks. It will also use speech-to-text algorithms to enable wider accessibility to its historical archives.

“The upgrade to Dalet Galaxy five is enabling us to build a new content value chain, better integrating our social media channels across our operations, and leveraging AI services to make our entire inventory more discoverable and better monetized,” explains Izak Pasternak, head of the technical department, Galatz.

With Dalet Galaxy five, Galatz will be able to make all content that is produced in the production system available to social media publishing with a click of a button. Social media content performance will be analyzed by the broadcaster; that data will be used to make better-informed decisions as to what to provide audiences next. Because the system is integrated with social channels, Galatz will be able to easily tap into the newly indexed archives and distribute topical collections of historical content across social networks - something that they have not been able to do before. 

“In terms of social media, today there is no connection between the system that is broadcasting content and the social media channels we want to publish to,” said Pasternak. “With more and more people consuming news and content through social networks, it’s imperative for us to move to an integrated platform that can help us engage with audiences on a whole new level. Dalet Galaxy five enables us to do just that.”

Connecting in-the-field reporters directly to the newsroom, Dalet On-the-Go lets journalists organize and submit comprehensive news packages from their mobile device. Users can record interviews, write stories, and assemble and upload packages to the Dalet Galaxy five content catalog for sharing across the station or sending direct to air.

Leveraging Dalet Media Cortex, the new AI cloud service of Dalet Galaxy five, speech-to-text algorithms are applied to all archived content, turning it into text that is both searchable and accessible via an online portal.

“Until now our content producers had to manually add metadata into the MAM, then an archivist would review it to make sure it was filled in properly,” explains Izak. “If our archives team wanted to find something, they had to remember how it might be catalogued and in which categories. Going back into the archive to transcribe it all manually would have been cost-prohibitive.

“Now, with Dalet Media Cortex everything is searchable since it’s processed through the speech-to-text engine. This saves us significant resource time and effort. And what’s more important, Israeli citizens can sit at home and enjoy the archive, simply by searching online. Dalet Media Cortex has made it extremely easy to search and find content from any point in time since 1950, which to a large degree, is the history of Israel itself.”

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