Telestream to Unveil Hybrid Workflow Automation for Cloud and Data Center at NAB 2019

Telestream set to unveil Vantage Cloud Port for media processing workflows at NAB 2019.

Available in April 2019, Telestream's Vantage Cloud Port is designed to enable hybrid cloud-based deployments with predictable, SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing.

The selling point is the level of automation combined with a scalable hybrid approach enabling workflows to be balanced between the cloud and on-premises data centers. Telestream argues that with every workflow being different, neither the cloud nor the premise is always the best place to process media. A hybrid approach is often more appropriate since efficiencies and cost savings can only come from processing media where it resides, minimizing ingress and egress.

“Vantage Cloud Port can implement jobs from a repository of containerized version-matched Vantage processing engines in the cloud,” said Max Denton, Product Manager at Telestream. “This enables flexible, intelligent hybrid media processing workflows built on the foundation of the industry standard¬¬-Vantage.”

Vantage Cloud Port allows cloud execution of Vantage processing actions using containerized micro-services with engines identical to on-premise services, according to Telestream. Any existing or new Vantage installation can transfer specific processes to and from the cloud provider of choice, almost transparently to the customer.

Existing Vantage users can then gain access to cloud-capable actions even if those are unlicensed in their on-premises Vantage system. But he company emphasizes most the ability of the Vantage workflow logic to be configured so that it can decide if processing should be done on premise or in the cloud, according to the location of media and/or domain.

Telestream also talks up the benefits of the SaaS, making pricing totally predictable on an OPEX basis. A single vendor, multi-cloud SaaS model means there is one bill to pay for execution, compute, and management. Compute resources are deployed in whichever cloud provider hosts the media. 

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