​Tedial Ships SMARTLIVE

Tedial’s big news for NAB 2019 is that SMARTLIVE, its automated live sports solution, is shipping. It will also be demonstrating an enhanced feature-set for its Hyper-IMF MAM, billed as the world’s only end-to-end IMF workflow.

SMARTLIVE is claimed by Spain's Tedial as the most comprehensive solution to automate the event metadata ingest process and automatically provision a production environment for the production team. It also manages multi-venue feeds; and automatically generates personalized content of one or multiple games, or even season highlights; and feed campaigns to social media platforms.

“It’s storytelling, but at a fraction of the cost,” claims Esther Mesas, CSO/CMO Tedial. “Since we first introduced SMARTLIVE at NAB 2018, we’ve received countless inquiries and requests. We are so happy to be able to tell visitors at NAB 2019 that it is now shipping. It truly is a game-changing solution that will totally revolutionize the way sports broadcasters operate on a production and a financial level. In addition, our other solutions have all been strengthened with new features and functionality leading to ease-of-operations and a more-appealing bottom-line.”

Tedial HYPER IMF MAM “the world’s only end-to-end IMF workflow” now supports 2018 SMPTE IMF standards, including Apple ProRes wrapped in MXF. Tedial has incorporated Business Cases that apply to IMF processes, so content can be managed and MAM-workflow orchestrations can be supported, such as attaching late deliveries of forensic watermarked components to previously distributed media, detecting and managing duplicates, and waiting for master assets.

Assembly of completely new IMF packages is accomplished using low-resolution proxies and a Web-based GUI. Powerful dashboards have been added for real-time monitoring of operations and platform capacity. HYPER IMF has a proven agnostic infrastructure; it can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid infrastructures.

This year, Tedial will introduce Version Factory 2019 with upgrades that include: managing ‘on-the-fly’ assembly of unique versions, including pre, post and mid-roll insertions; matching contractual distribution requirements for timely deliveries; enabling IMF-compliant low-resolution proxy edits on media and templated seasons of episodes can be managed with a single configuration.

Evolution aSTORM is the company’s content management solution. “It changes the storage paradigm from the traditional HSM approach to a true multi-tier, multi-site object-based storage environment.”

The product has been upgraded with “numerous cost-saving features” which will be shown at NAB, including: Optimizing transfers between sites for reduced transfer costs; and improved tape migration workflows between technologies for increased resource efficiency resulting in lower migration costs. aSTORM also now supports Oracle cloud storage.

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