Kaltura enhances Cloud TV Platform SDK with mobile playback optimization

Kaltura has released a new version of its Cloud TV Platform SDK featuring faster and smoother playback on mobile devices challenged by slow or intermittent internet connectivity.

The enhanced SDK also introduces HEVC codec support, real-time analytics, and various options for generating ad revenue, including Facebook Audience Network (FAN) and Google Ad Manager.

The existing Cloud TV Platform SDK is already used by various operators including PJSC VimpelCom for its mobile TV service Beeline TV launched in September 2018 and serving 20 million views a day.

Kaltura’s new playback optimization solution for mobile viewing is the most significant feature, developed by integrated analysis of data at the network, device and player levels.

This monitoring has enabled the company's  mobile SDK to shorten load and handshake time significantly, which translates into both faster video start and smoother subsequent playout, even if that still cannot quite match the best fixed line services. This new package will be particularly relevant in emerging markets where mobile network connections are slower and perhaps on older 3G or even 2G networks. It will also improve the viewing experience of primetime events when there are large numbers of simultaneous viewers depleting network capacity.

Support for HEVC could also improve viewing experience by reducing the bandwidth needed to deliver video at a given quality. Then support for real-time analytics, reporting on join time, play failures, time spent on the service among other parameters, could also help improve quality.

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