Marquis to Launch Parking Disaster Recovery

Marquis Broadcast will launch disaster recovery solution Workspace Parking for Avid workspaces at NAB 2015. The firm’s Project Parking solution has been useful in helping editors to analyse and manage projects and media on their edit storage. Workspace Parking, however, will now enable Avid users to back-up entire workspaces, while allowing individual projects or bins to be restored, providing a complete, automated disaster recovery system.

“Managing many projects and trying to keep track of hours of content while at the same time protecting such media assets is a real challenge for broadcasters and post houses around the world,” confirms Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis. “As a result, many organisations have a significant vulnerability when it comes to maintaining business continuity.

Workspace Parking uses a standard, open folder structure to store the back-up of entire workspaces. Individual projects or bins of older versions of projects can then be easily identified, and restored to an Avid ISIS or laptop immediately, providing a complete and rapid business continuity solution.

“Archiving the workspace onto tape is a common IT solution,” he explains. “However, as one 24 hour news channel told us: ‘In a disaster recovery scenario, the only option to get key projects back on-line would be to restore our entire back-up, which would take about two weeks.’ Workspace Parking, our ‘set and forget’ disaster recovery solution has been designed to get editors back up and running in minutes.”

Because the analysis system runs regularly, every time new and associated media comes online this is included in the backup. Incremental analysis of the changes to the workspace and each project means automated nightly back-ups can be completed in a fraction of the time of a full backup. Text (SMS) or email status updates are provided as required.

“The introduction of Workspace Parking has also allowed us to adjust our pricing structure, so clients with smaller storage and only requiring project archive functionality can continue to purchase Project Parking at a lower cost,” adds Steele.

Maquis Broadcasting will be exhibiting in NAB booth SL7720

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