Japan’s Jupiter Telecommunications picks Verimatrix for analytics

Japan’s largest cable operator Jupiter Telecommunications (JCOM) has selected Verimatrix as its provider of analytics relating to audience behavior and content consumption.

The Telco is deploying Verimatrix’ s Verspective Intelligence, providing dashboards and visualization tools to help improve decision making relating to personalization, content consumption and overall service performance.

JCOM selected Verspective Intelligence, the latest enhancement to the Verspective Analytics suite, to generate usage reporting and analysis for its VOD services, providing all round views of networks and devices used by its 3.8 million subscribers across Japan. JCOM said it wanted to maximize network performance and optimize subscriber experience to boost revenue generation.

“In order to maintain our position in a constantly changing environment, it is imperative for JCOM to fully capitalize on new opportunities to better understand our subscribers,” confirmed JCOM General Manager, Technology Operation Division, Naoki Kobayashi. “Verspective Intelligence provides the intelligence we need to stay alert of the performance of our VOD content and the impact of marketing efforts. It also gives us the option to determine potential network inefficiencies and subscriber viewing habits.”

Verspective Intelligence extracts data from delivery systems about VOD content for data analysis and reporting on system and content performance. Because the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform will be deployed via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, it should also reduce capital and operating expenditures. The platform can then be enhanced to collect and normalize data from subscriber devices in the future by exploiting the Verspective RT data collection package. According to Verimatrix, this would enable more precise segmenting of subscribers on the basis of how they engage with the service.

Concurrent Content Solutions Corporation (CCSC), a reseller of the Verspective suite, is assisting Verimatrix with systems integration for the project, drawing on its knowledge of JCOM’s VOD and back office system. 

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