Roland Offers Compact HD/4K Switcher With Ultra Scaler Technology

Roland Professional A/V has introduced a new compact video switcher that delivers the full capabilities of 4K image quality in a switcher that offers users the ability to easily transition from HD to 4K as needed. Using Roland’s Ultra Scaler technology, scaling and format conversion is provided on each of the new V-600UHD’s inputs, allowing simultaneous use of full HD and high-pixel-density 4K sources, while also offering simultaneous output of 4K and 1080p resolutions.

The Roland V-600UHD also features High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to preserve the details in the darkest areas and brightest areas of an image. For IMAG, HDR technology makes it easier to achieve eye-pleasing, well-balanced stage lighting without over saturating images. With full 60Hz frame rate support, the V-600UHD helps create a smooth video image without the blur that appears with fast motion when using a 30Hz refresh rate. The V-600UHD supports BT.2020, the highest-specification Wide Color Gamut (WCG), as well as the RGB and BT.709 standards in order to display the widest range of visible colors for a higher level of realism and improved color accuracy.

Internal 10-bit Color Depth processing without the need for chroma upsampling (4:4:4) reduces color banding and sharpens high-detail-source content, making it easy to read small font text and other fine details—even when drastically scaled and magnified. It also supports the DCXI spec for 4K (2160 pixels in height x 4096 pixels wide).

Using the switcher’s audio-follows-video functionality, audio can be de-embedded from the currently selected source and sent to an external sound mixer.

Using the switcher’s audio-follows-video functionality, audio can be de-embedded from the currently selected source and sent to an external sound mixer.

The V-600UHD comes with four HDMI 2.0 and two 12G-SDI inputs for a wide variety of live event productions that rely on multiple computer and video playback sources. Each input independently supports input and scaling of Full HD, UHD 4K, DCI 4K and PC resolutions from UXGA to DCI 4K with no need for external converters. The configurable multi-view monitor lets users view all sources, Program and Preview on a single HD screen for easy compatibility with just about any HDMI monitor. Outputs also each support downscaling to Full HD for feeding streaming encoders or other destinations with HD displays.

The new switcher can increase production value without increasing camera count. When the production requires a wide shot of the stage, medium shots of speaking panels and closeups of featured speakers, the switcher's built-in Region Of Interest (ROI) function allows users to position a single 4K camera pointed at the stage and then apply input sharing and scaling functions to crop out up to eight “cameras shots” for assignment to the switcher's cross points. It also supports two Picture-in-Picture windows.

Leveraging its Roland heritage, audio management is at the heart of the V-600UHD, with high quality 24bit 48kHz audio processing. Using the switcher’s audio-follows-video functionality, audio can be de-embedded from the currently selected source and sent to an external sound mixer. Program audio from the same audio mixer can also be embedded to one or all of the video outputs to feed with program video to a streaming encoder, a recorder, an overflow room or other destinations.

The Roland V-600UHD Multi-Format Video Switcher will be available in Q2 of this year and will be demonstrated at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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