Facilis Technology Unveil Software Updates

As they say, the only storage that isn’t full is a brand new one. So Facilis latest Version 7.2 will come as relief to those needing more.

The Facilis Shared Storage (7.2) will be on display in Vegas alongside several new version 8 features currently in development.

V7.2 adds significant new enhancements including automated bulk operations within Web Console, new interface look and usability improvements; and third-party integrations.

FastTracker Version 3 will be shipping by NAB as well, and includes Simple tag and comment fields; advanced proxy generation and accessibility; export of FastTracker records to CatDV.

“We’re keeping a lot under wraps but NAB 2019 will be a particularly big show this year for Facilis,” said James McKenna, VP of Marketing at Facilis Technology. “Our shared file system and storage architecture is the best in the business and continues to improve, but we’re also adding value in the areas of cloud workflows and archive integration because these features will be important to our customers in the coming years.”

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