Lawo Shows IP Signal Processing and Monitoring at ISE 2019

German broadcast technology manufacturer Lawo is homing in on its latest IP signal processing, control and monitoring solutions at ISE 2019, claimed to be the world’s largest AV (Audio Video) systems integration show.

Lawo will feature its V matrix Software-defined IP-Routing, Processing and Multi-Viewing Platform, the Power Core Audio Engine, SMART System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry for IP Networks, VisTool GUI Builder and the VSM control system.

The SMART range includes the smartDASH System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry, comprising enterprise software for network and media visibility across an all-IP, all-SDI or hybrid WAN/LAN infrastructure. Also within this range is the smartSCOPE Deep Packet Inspection and Network Analyzer, described as a media-agnostic, high-density 24/7 analysis platform for IP flows in live production and delivery.

Then Lawo’s V matrix ecosystem is based on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) core processing modules upon which software-defined Virtual Modules (VM) are loaded to create the required functionality. Multiple cores are connected through redundant 40GE (or 4x10GE) Ethernet interfaces to an IP network to form a distributed IP routing and processing matrix designed to provides frame-accurate, clean switching, similar to a legacy baseband matrix.

Lawo Power Core is a rack-sized audio processor that can provide 96 DSP channels, 80 summing busses and a 1,920x1,920 routing matrix.

The Lawo Power Core is a networked 19”/1RU Audio Processing unit with providing 96 DSP channels, 80 summing busses and a 1,920x1,920 routing matrix. The eight rear side slots accept any variety of IO cards for Mic, Line, AES, MADI and headphone interfaces in addition to the unit’s IP and MADI connectivity. Besides standard audio processing such as dynamics and EQs, Power Core also features audio assist systems like one-touch AutoGain and 32 instances of AutoMix for automatically maintaining the balance of open mics.

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