PrimeTime Introduces New LED Lighting Fixture For Broadcast Studios

PrimeTime Lighting Systems has introduced its latest LED light — the MSLED 10 XB2, a low-profile member of the SLED family of studio fixtures.

PrimeTime said the SLED series fixtures feature a system of dual lens optics which are different from panel lights or remote phosphor lights. “The SLED dual lens optics combine a soft elegant wash of light with plenty of throw,” said Glen Harn, president of PrimeTime.

“Like all of our LED luminaires, the MSLED 10 is dead-silent, without a fan,” Harn continued. “Low-profile, high-performance MSLED broadcast studio lights have won the admiration of chief engineers and lighting designers for their high output and silent performance.” The MSLEDs are used in regular studios but also excel in low-ceiling applications.

PrimeTime, based in Texas, designs and builds LED broadcast studio lights for long-term heavy commercial use. The passively cooled LED lights are engineered and built in the United States with a five-year warranty.

The fixture draws 30 watts of power and uses top-quality diodes rated at a 50,000 hour life. They feature a high 93+ CRI and are 17.5-inches wide, 6.5-inches tall and 6.5-inches deep.

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