Shure Introduces ADX1M Axient Micro-Bodypack Transmitter

Shure has introduced the ADX1M Axient transmitter, a micro-sized bodypack that delivers excellent RF performance and is equipped with ShowLink remote control for real-time parameter adjustments and interference avoidance.

Shure said the contoured form factor and lightweight PEI construction offer both comfort and heat resistance. This transmitter features wide tuning, High Density (HD) mode, encryption and advanced recharge capability. It is compatible with Shure’s Axient Digital Wireless Systems.

Sealed switches and a LEMO connector protect against moisture, while the OLED display provides excellent visibility in low-light environments. It includes two SB910M rechargeable batteries.

The pack features an internal adaptive antenna for optimized signal when ADX1M is worn against the body. There are two transmission modes: standard for optimal coverage and new high density for maximum system channel count and robust coverage

It offers encryption-enabled, secure transmission and up to seven hours of runtime with SB910M rechargeable battery.

The price is $2499.00

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