​XenData Launches LTO Tape to Cloud Migration Service

New XenData service migrates archived files stored on LTO data cartridges to cloud storage allowing shared access and cloud analytics.

LTO tape cartridges have a 30 years life and are a cost-effective way to archive data for the long term. But after several years, there is a need to migrate the LTO cartridge content to other media to avoid the need to maintain old generations of tape drives and systems.

XenData says its archive storage systems have built-in migration capabilities that make it easy for users to migrate their files from old generations of LTO to either the latest LTO formats or to the cloud. However, that is not the case for many other LTO archive systems which leave users unable to easily migrate.

XenData is now offering a service to tackle this.

Dr. Phil Storey, XenData CEO, commented, “When you are keeping archived files for a decade or more, migration is a fact of life. Our new service takes the pain out of that process, allowing files to be indexed, analyzed and shared.”

Supported data formats include LTFS, Cache-A TAR, XenData TAR and Front Porch DIVA proprietary formats. Contentsmay be categorized and re-organized before being migrated to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Wasabi public clouds. Alternatively, contents may be migrated to the latest LTO formats: either 6 TB LTO7 or 12 TB LTO8 cartridges.

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