Essential Guide: Intelligent Storage for Broadcast Workflows

December 20th 2018 - 01:50 PM
by Tony Orme, Editor, The Broadcast Bridge

​Major advances in seemingly unrelated industries such as Deep Learning and High Performance Computing are empowering broadcasters to deliver greater efficiencies and improved performance. IT has perfected the art of optimizing costs against resource through scalability and flexibility. And broadcasters can capitalize on these wins.

This Essential Guide investigates these advances and how they are influencing broadcasting. Large data sets used in Deep Learning methods have advanced parallel computing to the extent that full bandwidth video can be streamed over IP networks directly into editing systems.

Download this essential guide now and learn how block storage replaces the old outdated mapped drives of the past. Discover how security is taken to a new level and the way advanced audits can determine who is accessing valuable assets.

Understand how centralized storage simplifies infrastructure design and allows systems to expand to meet the needs of a growing business.

Download this Essential Guide now and learn from the leaders in IT innovation how to improve your broadcast workflows to build scalable flexible systems.

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